detoxed release radar

Hit the following button to authenticate this service with Spotify to generate your Detoxed Release Radar playlist! The authentication will ask for two simple permissions:

  • user-read-private

    Used to get your username, necessary to then save a playlist to your account.

  • user-follow-read

    Used to find all the artists you are following.

  • playlist-modify-public
  • playlist-modify-private

    Used to create and manage your "Detoxed Release Radar" playlist on your account, whether it's set to public or private.

  • ugc-image-upload

    Needed to upload your "Detoxed Release Radar's" playlist cover image (You're free to change this image at any time).

Reminder: As a Spotify user you can revoke this applications permissions at any time, or any application you've authenticated before, by visiting and removing access.