Detoxify is shutting down.

What did Detoxify do?

Detoxify created a custom Your Release Radar in your library.

Detoxify fixed the issue with seeing wrong artist releases from artists you didn't follow.

Detoxify looked at the last 3 albums and 3 singles released within the last month by each artist you follow to add to your playlist.

Detoxify included complete singles and album releases, as opposed to Release Radar's 30 track limit.


The issue with Your Release Radar.

Your Release Radar is a wonderful source of new music for Spotify users, but it's been plagued with one key issue: incorrect artist suggestions. The issue ultimately lies in the fact that many artists around the world share the same name, and they end up being attributed as the wrong artist in their track's metadata. Track submissions, being a manually approved workflow, result in errors like a rapper named Devo being marked as the 80s new wave Devo.

I discovered others had encountered this same experience, so I spent some time in Spotify's community raising this issue and explaining my personal findings. When it became clear that there was no fix in sight, I decided to find a solution that used Spotify's very own Web API. I was able to develop a tool that not only filtered out the wrong artists I was being suggested, but also generated a larger playlist containing entire albums, instead of being limited to Release Radar's traditional ~30 some track count.

Spotify personnel eventually gave an official explanation on how Release Radar functions, and why it was having the error it does. With that I've decided to discontinue this web application. Even with its faults, Release Radar provides a good enough starting point, if you simply ignore the incorrectly tagged songs. I have other projects in my backlog, and I don't have the time to dedicate to keep this going.

This was a wonderful learning experience, and maybe the site will make a return in another form or service in the future. Seeing monthly spikes ranging from 1k - 3k album API requests was a surreal experience for me as a developer. Thanks for those of you who used the app across the year.

This isn't goodbye forever, just more of a "see you later."


The original application was built with the following technologies/services/assets:

  • Laravel
    • GuzzleHTTP Client
  • Vue.js
  • Spotify API
    • user-read-private
      Used to get your username, necessary to then save a playlist to your account.
    • user-follow-read
      Used to find all the artists you are following.
    • playlist-modify-public
    • playlist-modify-private
      Used to create and manage your "Detoxed Release Radar" playlist on your account, whether it's set to public or private.
    • ugc-image-upload
      Needed to upload your "Detoxed Release Radar's" playlist cover image (You're free to change this image at any time).
  • Bootstrap
  • Hamburger menu icon made by hirschwolf from
  • Potion icon made by Freepik from
  • Playlist cover image by from Pexels

The repo for the original application can be found here.


If you have any questions or feedback, please drop me a line!

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